My husband’s friend sex toy gift

I am never going to mention any names but one of my husbands friends has made it clear that this individual wants to get into my sleeping area while my hubby is away and last week he offered me a little present while his wife was out of the room and when I opened the box later I was surprised to view that it was a big cock molded vibrator with thick veins all the way up the shaft! We hid it away so that my husband do not see it then when he kept for the office on Exclusive I had the sudden craving to try it out for the first time. The vibrator is VERY powerful and just what I needs to massage my clit… I think the next occasion my husband is going to be away Let me text him and bring him over so that he can watch just how hard it will make me orgasm for himself… And then maybe we can your time afternoon while having sex together in order to have EVERYTHING that he wants!

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